Download The Machiavelli Letter for free on until March 31. After only one day of this promotion, the book ranks #360 among all free books available (there are more than two million out there). Even more impressive, The Machiavelli Letter ranks #2 among all free Terrorism Thrillers and #5 among all free Conspiracy Thrillers.

Thanks to all my readers for your support. I'm thrilled to provide my book free to avid readers with this rare promotion. All I ask is that if you like the book, please encourage your friends to download it too (hopefully after the promotion). How Machiavellian!

Well, sadly, it does appear that our world is beginning to unravel a bit more with the recent events in North Africa. I anticipated this sort of thing when I wrote The Machiavelli Letter. I wish someone who understands Machiavelli's concept that "It is better to be feared than to be loved," was in the driver's seat.

When the enemy perceives weakness, he becomes emboldened. Imagine, we're sending in the Marines to beef up security and they have been told they can't load up with live ammunition!

Jack McNair would go nuts!
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