The Machiavelli Letter is a must read for anyone interested in understanding WHY the terrorists hate us and how they express that hatred by murdering innocent Americans. This book gives readers both sides of what happens when terrorists plot and those they would kill respond to prevent it.  

We can all identify with Professor Jack McNair and his former students as they respond, trying to move the government to take the threat seriously. But it is the insights into the minds of our enemies that may be unfamiliar territory for most readers. How cunning are they? How fanatical is their allegiance to the tenets of their faith. How dangerous is the "home-grown" danger presented by radicalized Americans?

Sadly, not much has changed in the 560 years since Ottoman Sultan Muhammed II laid siege to and subsequently took Constantinople in 1453. In The Lion of St. Mark, Antonio Ziani, the Venetian protagonist, debates the merits of Christianity versus Islam with Abdullah Ali, the new Turkish Governor of the city. Anyone interested in this clash of cultures and faiths will find very interesting points made by each.    
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